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Trevor Reeve is the Manager of No 34 Aboriginal Health Service in Ulverstone supporting both clinical and non-clinical staff in closing the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous health outcomes.

Trevor has an interest in access and equity issues relating to marginalised, disadvantaged populations and invested 12 years working with incarcerated individuals, individuals with substance abuse conditions and mental Illness including anxiety and depression. Trevor is an experienced Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, MiCBT, a mental health relapse prevention model of treatment and has seen many individuals overcome these issues and return to healthy satisfying lives after applying this model. Trevor continues his interests in MiCBT, neuroscience and human behaviour and believes in the human potential for unconditional kindness, calm, connectedness and happiness. Trevor integrates this philosophy into his leadership practice.

Trevor brings a sound, systematic and considered approach to decision making utilising a mindful, compassionate, non-judgemental attitude.