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About Tidswell Consulting

Tidswell Consulting is a leading vocational service provider based in Tasmania delivering professional vocational and rehabilitation services for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market whether by injury, disability or other factors.

First established in 2007 by Kim and Matt Tidswell, Tidswell Consulting is a leading provider of Vocational Services across Northern Tasmania. An opportunity to grow the business presented in 2017 and Tidswell Consulting merged with Family Based Care Tasmania and now delivers Vocational Services across Tasmania.

The Tidswell Consulting brand represents quality, professionalism and innovation in the Vocational Rehabilitation Industry and is supported by the strength of the Family Based Care Tasmania group.

We consistently achieve vocational outcomes for workers whose careers are disrupted by injury or illness and provide quality, cost effective injury management services for commercial clients.

Tidswell Consulting is supported  by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals, experienced in the delivery of vocational services.

Our Philosophy: The Value of Work

Our life today, our future plans, our learning and growth, and how we see our place in society is strongly shaped by the work we do.

Our goal is to contribute to our clients' success through quality services that promote wellness and productivity in the business and the individual.

Our services

Work Cover Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (WRP), Injury Management Coordinator (IMC) and Specialist Return to Work Coordinator (RTWC )in the Aged Care Industry