National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the Federal Government’s new way of providing individualised support for people with a permanent and significant disability and people with severe mental illness.  Family Based Care NW assists eligible NDIS participants with the following supports:

  • Support Coordination
  • Developing daily life skills to help you live independently at home
  • Accessing social and community life
  • Developing the skills to coordinate and manage support services
  • Mentoring and peer support
  • Individual skill development
  • Social skills development
  • Decision making and goal setting
  • Planning, and budgeting; and
  • Public transport training

Who can access the Scheme?

As at July 2016, the NDIS is available to young people aged 4 yrs-28 yrs

As at January 2018 this will increase to 4 yrs to 38 yrs

As at July 2019, children aged 0-3 yrs and adults between 35 yrs -49 yrs will be eligible to access the NDIS

As at July 2019, adults aged between 40 yrs and 65 yrs will be eligible to access the NDIS

How we can support you.

At Family Based Care we work with NDIS participants to implement the supports they need to reach their life goals. There is usually no time limit for participants to achieve their goals. We recognise that each participant is an individual and the journey for them may be different from another person with similar goals.

We encourage participants to identify the gender and age group of staff they would prefer as support staff and we endeavour to match them with appropriate support staff. Individual support plans are reviewed annually or when requested due to achieving plan goals or requiring changes to the plan.

With our support, some of our participants have achieved their short term daily living goals and moved on to independent accommodation options.

Support is flexible and tailored to suit the needs of each person!

How to access the Scheme

If you are a person with disability who wishes to participate in the NDIS, you must first be assessed against the access requirements on the NDIS website –

For more information, please contact  Fiona, Tammy, Donna, Miriam, Carla, April, Kylie or Damien on (03) 6431 8411 or Freecall  1800 684 098