Social Support

socialsupportbGrowing older or living with a disability can hinder social experiences and people can start to feel socially isolated.
Even going to the shops or catching up with friends for coffee can promote a sense of independence and wellbeing for clients who may struggle with mobility or health issues.
At Family Based Care we can provide trusted and secure companionship, delivering services tailored to the individual needs of the client.
We can assist with:

  • Accompanied shopping, banking and paying bills
  • Attending social functions, clubs, church services and meetings
  • Going out for a meal
  • Basic computer skills, emails and letter writing
  • Attending markets, festivals, shows and concerts
  • Accompanying client to physical mobility classes such as yoga and tai chi

FBC also operates its own social activities along the Coast which may include bus trips, guest speakers, health information sessions, hobbies, crafts and barbecues.

Service enquiries: Phone us on 1800 684 098 or contact us online